Andreas Gohr wrote a Perl hack that works with my GT-11 handheld GPS unit.Here's a patch to his tool which adds support for downloading Waypoints.

Andreas beat me to it on my first patch, but this navilink-deltp-fix.pl.patch fixes a typo (unless my GT-11 really does have a firewall inside it) and makes the deltp delete trackpoints feature work correctly on my model.

Without this fix only the first 4096 trackpoints were really deleted, and the remainder would re-appear when the first 4096 were used again. Sometimes the GT-11 would crash when this happened. I have firmware version V1.4(B0812) so YMMV.

Crack lost passwords for Excel up to 95

A small tool to recover lost and forgotten passwords from XLS files. xlcrack-1.2.tar.gz should work on most Un*x systems, but it needs libgsf, most commonly installed along with Gnumeric.

xlcrack has been updated to work better with non-ASCII characters, the passwords displayed in this case should work with Excel installed on English language and most Western European language systems. On other systems you may need to type non-ASCII characters differently.

Load old Excel BIFF spreadsheets!

CVS Gnumeric now includes fairly reasonable Excel 2.1, 3.0 and 4.0 support, including both XLS and XLW files. Hence the patch is gone.

Gimp plug-ins

I now have CVS access to the Gimp repository. Future changes to the file handling plug-ins and other stuff that I pseudo-maintain will be made directly to CVS. Much better than waiting for me to create and distribute patches, I'm sure you all agree.

SANE V2 draft standard

My 1999-08-24 draft replacement for the SANE 1.0 standard. Please don't run off and implement this without following the discussion on sane-devel. Also available as LaTeX source.

DATEFUNS.XLS Gnumeric tests

In the style of the STATFUNS.XLS file, this simultaneously tests the Excel import functionality and the Date/Time features of Gnumeric. It will only be available as datefuns.xls until someone puts it into CVS, or the tests are no longer needed

GTK+ CDindex interface

CDindex is a replacement for the popular, but rather sucky, and now decidedly unfriendly CDDB. I've written a quick and dirty GTK+ client interface for CDindex.

Download the version 0.4 tarball of gCDindex

Sokoban Gnome-stones collections

These two cave files add some straight Sokoban (with the simple rules) puzzles to Gnome-stones. The CVS Gnome-Stones now includes the bug fixes and extra sprite-stuff I included here before, so there's no need to upgrade that anymore. The caves files go in $prefix/share/gnome-stones

Hopefully these files will get bigger over the next short while, until eventually they'll be finished, and I'll get them put into CVS.

Download 20 Original Sokoban caves and/or some from KSokoban.