Gnome KiSS!

Now Gnome users can play with KiSS too

The current version of GnomeKiSS is: GnomeKiSS 2.0.
Please direct questions about GnomeKiSS to

23 January 2006

Version 2.0 of GnomeKiSS has been uploaded gnomekiss-2.0.tar.gz.

This version uses GNOME 2.x including GTK+ 2.x which should hopefully be a better experience on modern systems. Aside from a few bug fixes it is otherwise unchanged from previous versions, however further improvements should be expected soon.

This time RPMs have been prepared for Fedora Core 4 (x86) and a source RPM is available for other distributions.

10 May 2003

Version 1.6 of GnomeKiSS has been uploaded gnomekiss-1.6.tar.gz.
Sorry Didier, still didn't finish integrating your changes. At least I'm managing to release once a year or so...

This version has collision detection working more in line with other viewers, better handling of broken FKiSS that doesn't terminate, implements MFOs properly, shows line numbers when you trace execution of FKiSS, and has better MIDI handling (you can specify some parameters for your preferred external MIDI player). It also removes the arbitrary limitation on the number of labels or alarms used, although no-one to my knowledge was frustrated by the previous limits.

An RPM version is once again available, it should install on RedHat 7.3 or later distributions, but is still x86 only: gnomekiss-1.6-1.i386.rpm

29 May 2002

Version 1.5 of GnomeKiSS has been uploaded gnomekiss-1.5.tar.gz.
The extra stuff for Didier Poliart didn't make it yet, this version contains only some bug fixes and contributions from Zazu Vega (much nicer kiss icon) and Kevin Bond (performance tweak).

This version is available primarily to make sure anyone working on GnomeKiSS has the latest source code, I am too busy to do much work on it myself this summer.

22 March 2002

Version 1.4 of GnomeKiSS has been uploaded gnomekiss-1.4.tar.gz.
This version is based on contributions from Didier Poliart (more in the next version) and has an improved error dialog, an Unfix button and other small tweaks.

The source code includes a portability fix for Mac OS X, and a new RPM package is available: gnomekiss-1.4-1.i386.rpm

20 January 2002

Version 1.3 of GnomeKiSS is done gnomekiss-1.3.tar.gz.
This version includes Amaya's Spanish translation, a manual page and a desktop file (which means GnomeKiSS will appear as an icon/ menu entry or whatever in your GNOME compatible system).

GnomeKiSS is also now available as an RPM: gnomekiss-1.3-1.i386.rpm

20 November 2001

Version 1.2 of GnomeKiSS is here gnomekiss-1.2.tar.gz.
This second bug fix release increases some maximum values for string length in FKiSS and adds a preference for choosing which external program is used to play back MIDI music.

Translators, and users whose first language is not English may be glad to know that all useful strings in GnomeKiSS are now marked up for gettext. I am happy to receive completed translations at the address above.

24 October 2001

Version 1.1 of GnomeKiSS is here gnomekiss-1.1.tar.gz.
This is the the first bug fix for the 1.x GnomeKiSS series. It fixes some problems with mouse tracking, and adds a few minor features and compatibility tweaks.

8 October 2001

Version 1.0 of GnomeKiSS is here gnomekiss-1.0.tar.gz.
This is the final release version of the GnomeKiSS viewer. Hopefully it includes all the features needed in a viewer. If you find any problems please report them and of course I will continue maintaining GnomeKiSS.

The next major version of GnomeKiSS will be both a viewer and a powerful and fully-featured KiSS editor. Please don't expect to see results from that project any time soon.

Binaries of GnomeKiSS 1.0 for x86 will become available in due course, most likely Debian users will soon find .debs in the usual places.

9 August 2001

Version 0.9.1 of GnomeKiSS is here gnomekiss-0.9.1.tar.gz.
Mostly bug fixes and some further slight performance improvements. A couple of additional preferences were added related to features of other KiSS viewers.

15 July 2001

Version 0.9 of GnomeKiSS is here gnomekiss-0.9.tar.gz.
Preferences are here, lots of bugs fixed and I included the Glade XML files which describe the GnomeKiSS interface. Performance should be better in this version for a lot of people too.

10 July 2001

Now with less confusing download links.

20 June 2001

Version 0.8.1 of GnomeKiSS is here gnomekiss-0.8.1.tar.gz.
This is primarily a bug-fix release, although a few more FKiSS 3 features were completed or improved.

7 May 2001

Version 0.8 of GnomeKiSS is here gnomekiss-0.8.tar.gz.
This version has a smaller memory footprint, and handles palette groups/ sets properly. You can load add-on sets but it's still not as simple as it ought to be.

Some FKiSS features are still unfinished and some user interface polish will be handled in the next release. However work on GnomeKiSS is about to approach the maintenance phase, releases may be less frequent from here on.

1 April 2001

Version 0.7 of GnomeKiSS is here gnomekiss-0.7.tar.gz.
More FKiSS improvements mean that most sets using FKiSS will now work as expected, although complete FKiSS 3.0 support will not be finished until 0.8. This version includes extensive error reporting and recovery when parsing .CNF files.

6 January 2001

Version 0.6 of GnomeKiSS is here gnomekiss-0.6.tar.gz.
Just incremental changes, bug-fixes and command-line stuff. Performance remains as for version 0.5

9 December 2000

Version 0.5 of GnomeKiSS is here gnomekiss-0.5.tar.gz.
This is still source only, it builds on 0.4 by adding support for LZH archives using an external binary (lha). The feature is optional but you can find a suitable tool from freshmeat.

Read the README inside for caveats, and note that this software requires the GNOME development stuff (-devel packages if you're that way inclined) to build. I will provide binaries when more of the features end-users expect are in place.

Huh? What's all this about?

GnomeKiSS is an implementation of French-KiSS for the GNOME desktop environment, using GNOME, GTK+ and the X Window System. French KiSS is an enhanced KiSS/GS for scriptable dolls, where KiSS is an abbreviation for Kisekae Set System (or something).

GnomeKiSS apparently works on plenty of Linux systems (including Debian GNU/Linux and PLD Linux) and is available as a FreeBSD port. If you don't have one of these Free operating systems I have been told that GnomeKiSS compiles and runs on Mac OS X and Sun Solaris too. It should work on any modern Unix-like system with GNOME installed but obviously I can't test them all.

What was that about dolls?

Better to let someone else explain I think. Try looking at the Big KiSS Page or alternatively check out the dmoz entry for KiSS dolls.